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In honor of Spirit Day, check out this film that our own Sam Ciaramitaro made, called “Take me OUT to the Ballpark.” It’s a powerful story of tolerance.

The Pitfalls of Influencer Marketing

In many ways, influencer marketing is still a shiny object for brands and marketers. It can mean more eyeballs on your content, more engagement with your brand, and ideally, the conversion of viewers/readers into advocates and loyal customers. But that’s only if it’s done right.

You could score the best brand fit out there, and the most renowned name for your particular campaign. You could check off every box on your targeting and distribution strategy. But there’s one crucial, mistaken assumption that much of our industry is still making: your influencer may be great at his or her day job — but do they know how to tell a story with your brand’s product or service?

Not necessarily. For all the planning that brands and agencies do, the true checklist involves one main asset: relevant stories.

Read Pam’s full piece in iMedia Connection:

The Mobile-Video Conundrum

Alright, already.  I know that mobile video is the next big thing.  I get it.  The volume of mobile video consumption and the rate of growth make the hockey stick look like a plateau. There are virtually no digital video networks with mobile usage lower than 30%, and some upwards of 70%. So why isn’t anyone doing anything really cool or transformative with it?

Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, and BuzzFeed drive significant mobile video consumption, but that does not necessarily translate into an obvious brand mobile marketing plan. Current ad sizes on screens are absurd, ads are intrusive, clicks are accidental, etc.

We have a mobile video conundrum: Consumers are increasingly mobile yet marketers are struggling to capitalize on it. But solutions can be found if we can align these three things:

Read the full piece in MediaPost:

DigitasLBi Names Jason Kodish As First Global Chief Data Scientist

DigitasLBi Hires Jennifer Striegel as SVP/Brand Strategy for Chicago and San Francisco

New Whirlpool Ads Feature Scenes of Thankless Tasks

Check out The New York Times’ write-up of our new Whirlpool campaign, Every day, care. It’s Whirlpool’s largest brand campaign yet.

Check out Adweek’s article, Attention Brands: This Is How You Get Millennials to Like You, featuring DigitasLBi research.

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